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General questions about


Questions about myAccount

Q: What is myAccount?

A: myAccount is the subscription portal for the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram. Here you can:
Purchase a Subscription
Connect Your Home Delivery Subscription for Digital Access
Manage Your Account
Access the e-Edition

Q: What are the subscription options?

A: Both home delivery and digital subscriptions are available based on your zip code. Enter it here to see the packages available to you.

Q: Why should I “connect my account?”

A: All home delivery customers benefit from unlimited digital access as part of their subscription. You need to be connected to log in to the digital products:, and the e-Editions of our newspapers. Upon connecting you will also have access to other subscriber PERKS including discounts, free tickets and more.

Q: What does it mean to manage my subscription on myAccount?

A: By simply logging in with your email address and password you are able to: temporarily suspend your paper while on vacation, make a payment, tip your carrier, report a delivery issue, change your name, delivery address, phone number, email and password. To make a one-time payment please click here.

Q:How can I make a one-time payment?

A: To make a one-time payment, please click here. You will need your account number which is located on your invoice. To setup automatic monthly payments, please call customer service at 207.791.6000 or email

Q: What if I need to change my email, password or other information on the account?

A: Using your existing login information, sign in here. Select the Change Name, Password, Email or Phone button. Change the information in the correct field(s) and hit “Save Changes.” If you don’t have access to the email address on the account, preventing your ability to log in, please email us or call 207.791.6000 from during the hours of to 5pm on Monday through Friday and 7am to noon on Saturday & Sunday.

Q: How do I submit suggestions or comments?

A: To provide suggestions or general comments, please visit the feedback area of the site. This area is for feedback and not delivery issues or complaints. If you are having delivery issue, please submit this in the Report a Delivery Issue area of the site.

Q: Why didn’t I get an email to confirm my change of email or password or to confirm my subscription order?

A: First, please check your junk mail/spam folders as sometimes these e-mails get routed there by mistake. It is also possible that you made a mistake typing your e-mail address. If you’d like to check the email address on your account, please contact Customer Service by Email or by calling 207.791.6000 during the hours of 6am to 5pm on Monday through Friday and 7am to noon on Saturday & Sunday.

Q: My email and password suddenly stopped working.

A: If you are a new subscriber or recently changed your information, there might be some delay between when you make that change and when our systems actually recognize it. If you need immediate access or have tried multiple times over a few days, please contact Customer Service by Email or by calling 207.791.6000 during the hours of 6am to 5pm on Monday through Friday and 7am to noon on Saturday & Sunday.

Q: I don’t know what email address I used to set up myAccount, what do I do?

A: Please contact Customer Service by Email or by calling 207.791.6000 during the hours of 6am to 5pm on Monday through Friday and 7am to noon on Saturday & Sunday.

Q: I forgot my password, what do I do?

A: You can reset your password if you have access to the email address on your account. Go to Connect Your Subscription, enter the information requested and click the Reset Your Password button. If you don’t remember the email address or no longer have access to that email, please contact Customer Service by Email or by calling 207.791.6000 during the hours of 6am to 5pm on Monday through Friday and 7am to noon on Saturday & Sunday.


Questions about Subscriptions

Q: I am not currently a paying customer, what are my subscription options?

A: For Mainers within our home-delivery areas, options include 7-day, 4-day or 3-day (depending on which product you choose) and Sunday only home delivery subscriptions of the Portland Press Herald, Maine Sunday Telegram, Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel. Those not interested in receiving home-delivery service or those outside our print delivery area can sign up for a Digital Only subscription, which provides the unlimited access to the same digital products listed above.

Q: What digital products come with my home delivery or digital only subscription?

A: As a subscriber (home delivery or digital), you get unlimited access to the e-Editions of the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram, Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel, as well as and

Q: Why do you charge for online content?

A: It is expensive to produce the quality journalism we deliver each day. Unfortunately, online advertising doesn’t generate enough revenue to sustain our business. We are limiting access to our content online to provide more value for home delivery subscribers and to generate additional revenue from digital-only subscribers.

Q: I'm already a home-delivery newspaper subscriber. Is unlimited digital access included?

A: Yes, all home-delivery customers can connect their account for full digital access. Connect your subscription today. You’ll be provided with a user name and password to use for unlimited access to all of our digital products.

Q: What is the difference between single payment and recurring monthly payments?

A: You can make a one-time purchase of a home delivery subscription for one month, 12-weeks, 26-weeks or 52-weeks. Recurring monthly payment is a payment that is automatically charged to your credit card every month.

Q: What if I choose not to purchase a subscription?

A: Non-subscribers will have access to our home page, photo galleries and exclusive videos, obituaries and classifieds, plus 5 free articles per month. Content that counts toward the meter includes all articles, columns (staff, guest and syndicated), editorials, staff blogs and archived material dating back to 2008.

Q: How does the meter work?

A: The meter keeps track of the number of articles you read up to the 5 article limit. The meter resets on the first of each month — and you may consume 5 free articles each month. On the 5th article, you will encounter the paywall and will need to purchase a subscription to read further within that month.

Q: If I go back and read an article I've already viewed, will that count toward my limit?

A: No, articles that have been previously opened will not be recounted as a view.

Q: How do I get billed if I order a subscription online?

A: Subscriptions purchased online are a recurring monthly charge on your credit card based on the date that you ordered the subscription. Your credit card will be charged automatically each month until you cancel.

Q: What is your cancellation and refund policy for digital subscriptions?

A: Cancellations may be made by contacting Customer Service by Email or by calling 207.791.6000 during the hours of 6am to 5pm on Monday through Friday and 7am to noon on Saturday & Sunday. We do not provide refunds for digital subscriptions — so your cancellation request will apply to the next billing cycle.

Q: Are e-mail newsletters (i.e. Daily Headlines, Breaking News, etc.) affected by digital subscriptions?

A: No, email newsletters remain as a free service. You will still receive the e-newsletter regularly. If you click through to the site to read the full article, that will count toward your monthly allotment.

Q: May I share the username and password associated with my subscription?

A: Your subscription may be accessed from up to 5 home and work computers, tablets and mobile devices. You may only have one username and password per subscription.

Q: How do I send you my feedback on digital subscriptions and products?

A: We want to hear from you. Visit to submit our feedback form. Or you can email us at

Q: My question was not answered here. How can I get more information?

A: Visit to submit our feedback form. Or you can email us at

Q: If I buy the paper on the newsstand, do I get access to the website?

A: Unfortunately, we do not have a mechanism for allowing newsstand buyers to gain access to the site on a temporary basis. We are looking into short-term options including a day-pass but we aren’t able to offer them at this time.


Questions about Home Delivery

Q: What time should I expect delivery of my newspaper?

A: We guarantee delivery by 6am on Monday to Saturday and 7:30am on Sunday.

Q: How do I report a problem with my home delivery subscription?

A: Please use this form to inform us of a missed delivery or other problem with your newspaper. Or, you can email us or call customer service at 207.791.6000 between the hours of 6am to 5pm on Monday to Friday and 6am to noon on Saturday and Sunday.

Q: How do I stop delivery of my newspaper during my vacation?

A: The best way for you to put your paper on a vacation hold is by logging in here, selecting Your Account/Submit a Vacation Hold and following the instructions and prompts. Or, you can email us or call customer service at 207.791.6000 between the hours of 6am to 5pm on Monday to Friday and 6am to noon on Saturday and Sunday.

Q: How do I change information on my home delivery subscription?

A:Change the information on your account by logging in here. You may select Change Your Address or Change Username, Password, Email or Phone and follow the instructions and prompts. Or, you can use this form, send us an email or call customer service at 207.791.6000 between the hours of 6am to 5pm on Monday to Friday and 6am to noon on Saturday and Sunday.

If you want to add specific delivery instructions to your account, please use this form, send us an email or call customer service at 207.791.6000 between the hours of 6am to 5pm on Monday to Friday and 6am to noon on Saturday and Sunday. .

Q: My carrier is awesome, how do I let you know so he/she gets kudos?

A: Please use this form to commend your carrier. Or, you can email us or call customer service at 207.791.6000 between the hours of 6am to 5pm on Monday to Friday and 6am to noon on Saturday and Sunday.

Q: Who do I contact if my question is not represented here?

A: If you do not see the answer to your question here, please contact Customer Service by Email or by calling 207.791.6000 during the hours of 6am to 5pm on Monday through Friday and 7am to noon on Saturday & Sunday.


Questions about the e-Editions

Q: What is the e-Edition?

A: The e-Edition is a complete digital replica of the printed newspaper including every article, photograph, advertisement and even the crossword puzzle. The e-Edition is included in all home delivery and digital subscriptions.

Q: How do I access the e-Edition?

A: Visit, or to access the e-Edition on either your desktop or tablet. If you are a home delivery customer, you will need to connect your account with an email and password. Click here to get started.

Q: What is the difference between the desktop and tablet versions?

A:The desktop version is designed for larger screens and keyboard/mouse control. It has more robust sharing, printing, and saving tools than the tablet version. The tablet version is designed with simplified controls that are easier to use on touch screens. You can use the tablet version in a browser on a desktop computer, you just won't get all the features of the desktop version. If you are an iPad user, you may also download our new iPad app "Portland Press Herald e-Edition".

Q: Can I view the e-Edition on my iPad?

A: Yes. A new iPad app named "Portland Press Herald e-Edition" is now available in the Apple App Store. iPad users are invited to download this app for e-Edition access with a print or digital subscription. iPad readers can also access the tablet edition of the e-Edition by visiting The iPad app is not available on the iPhone.

Q: Can I read the e-Edition on my mobile phone?

A: The e-Edition tablet version will work on most phones. An e-Edition app is not available on the iPhone. The desktop version will also not work on most phones.

Q: Do I need to do anything or will I automatically connect to the new edition?

A: You don’t need to do anything. The newer site will appear for you automatically on login.

Q: What web browsers are supported?


Q: I'm on a mobile device. How do I hide the navigation toolbar to get more reading space?

A: In the top left corner of the e-Edition, there is a grey tab. Click on this tab to hide or show the top navigation toolbar.

Q: How do I zoom and scroll / move the news page?

A: On a desktop or tablet, you can use your mouse to click and drag on the paper or the scrollbars, or use the mouse-wheel to scroll the news page. To magnify the ePaper, you can use the zoom-in/out buttons on the toolbar, or single-click on any whitespace on the ePaper. On a tablet or smartphone, tap and drag to move the page, pinch/zoom in magnify in or out.

Q: How do I bring up the story view? When I tap the story, all it does is zoom in on the page?

A: Single-click / tap anywhere on an article. This will slide open the full article in "story view".

Q: Can I print out my crossword/story/photo?

A: Yes! Double-click on the article or crossword to open it in a printable window view, then select the "print" icon on the top right corner.

Q: How do I turn to the next page?

A: On any device, you can click the blue tabs with white arrows. They are on the left and right side of the window. You can also swipe left and right on a touchscreen or using your mouse. You may also use the forward and backward arrow keys.

Q: How do I download the edition, a page, or part of a page as a PDF?

A: To download the entire edition: While on any page, tap/click the download button and select the ‘Download PDF’ The time to download and size of the PDF will vary with edition size and number of pages. To download a page or part of page, go to that page, tap/click the download button and select the ‘PDF crop” button. Drag the selection box around the entire page, or just the story you want, and then tap/click ‘Get PDF’

Q: How can I read the paper without internet connection?

A: To go offline immediately, click "Save" then "Go offline". If you have not saved the paper already, you will be asked to download it. After it is finished downloading, the ePaper will go into "offline mode". To go online again, click "Save" then "Go online". To save the paper for later reading in your browser, click "Save" then "Save issue". The paper will be saved in your browser, available for reading even without internet connectivity. f you are on a tablet or phone and your browser does not have a large enough browser cache, you can also save the entire paper for later by clicking "Save" then "Download PDF". The paper will open in your device's PDF reader rather than the browser.

Q: Can I swipe between articles?

A: Yes. Once in the article level view, you can swipe to see the previous and next articles, respectively (or by clicking the prev/next buttons). Also, if you’re reading on a widescreen monitor, you can also choose from a list of stories in that section in the right side panel.

Q: Can I share stories?

A: Yes –Look for the share buttons in story view. You can share by email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Q: How do I turn on Text to Voice?

A: Double-click to open an article in story view. Click the speaker icon in the top right toolbar, then press the "Listen" button.

Q: Does the ePaper update throughout the day?

A: The ePaper presents the daily edition newspaper. The left-hand rail will provide updated headlines throughout the day.

Q: Can I change the font size?

A: On the article view, you can increase or decrease font size using the font size icons, or on tablets and phones you can pinch/zoom to resize.

Q: I don't like the newspaper replica view. Is there another option?

A: Yes. You can change to a list or newsfeed view by clicking on the "Digest" or “Dynamic” buttons in the toolbar.

Q: Why doesn’t the e-Edition fit my screen?

A: The desktop edition is scaled with your browser. You could resize your browser or use your browsers zoom functions. Zoom functions in both the desktop and tablet editions allow you to view the full newspaper in your screen or to fill the width of your screen with the newspaper.

Q: How do you use the e-Edition?

Q: How do you turn pages in the e-Edition?

A: Clicks on the bottom right or top right of a page will advance you to the next page. Clicks on hyper links (outlined in blue) will take you to the destination of those links.

Q: How do you zoom in to read the text in a larger size?

A: There are zoom tools in the header of both the tablet and desktop version, on the right side of the desktop version and the tablet version will respond to normal tablet touch controls. You can not zoom in article mode in text view.

Q: How do you open an article?

A: The applications have multiple ways to get into article view. On the desktop edition, you can try using the links on the left pane. In the tablet version, an icon on the upper right will bring up a list of articles, that you can click on to bring them up in text view. You should also be able to open any article by double clicking anywhere in the text or headlines of the articles.

Q: How do I follow an article to the “jump” or continued on page?

A: There are a couple of ways to follow page jumps. Double click on an article to open the article view. In text view you'll see the complete article. In newspaper view, you'll find a “continue" button at the bottom of the window that will jump to the continued portion of the story. Alternatively in Page View, each article should have a link to the page where an article continues at the bottom of a continued story. Merely click on this link and the application should jump to the page where the story is continued.

Q: How can I print an article?

A: Printing is available only in the desktop version. Double click on the text or headline of an article to bring up the article view. You can chose to display the article as it appears in the newspaper or a text view. Click on the "print" button in the header of the article view. (see "Desktop Article View Options")

Q: How can I e-mail articles?

A: You can e-mail articles in the desktop and tablet editions. In the desktop version, double click on the text or headline of an article to bring up the article view. You can chose to display the article as it appears in the newspaper or a text view. Click on the "email" Button in the header of the article view. (see "Desktop Article View Options") In the tablet version, use the sharing icon in the article view.

Q: Why can’t I do puzzles on the e-Edition?

A: The e-Edition is designed to be a replica of the printed newspaper. The puzzles are not designed to be interactive on either the desktop or tablet version.



General questions about

Q: What are they key features of

A: The faster way to understand the new features is to take a video tour of the site at Our primary navigation has been updated so when you roll over each topic a drop-down box will appear to highlight the top features of the section. Our article view has been redesigned for an improved user experience. Stories are no longer divided into multiple pages, making reading much easier. Another new feature is the utility bar that appears on the top of each article. This nifty tool is always in view, allowing you to experience each story through dynamic photos and video content in just one click. It also allows you to navigate back to the homepage (red P) and to view a drop-down navigation to move easily through the site. Our new photo gallery presents our award-winning photography in a more elegant, magazine like format.

Q: Can I access on my mobile phone and tablet?

A: Yes, because was created using responsive design technology, which automatically adapts the site content so it renders perfectly on the digital device of your choice, you can enjoy the site just as you would from a desktop or laptop. Since our website is optimized for mobile reading, a separate mobile app is not necessary.

Q: How often is the content updated on

A: The website is updated throughout the day, with stories frequently moving into and out of featured positions as circumstances and emerging facts drive the display of content.

Q: What is the difference between the print edition of the Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram and the website?

A: While you’ll find all of the staff written stories and photography that appears in the newspaper, the website offers a tremendous amount of content that is not available in print. Follow-up stories from the morning paper are added throughout the day. Breaking news is posted as it happens. The website also includes interactive features that can be stand-alone or a companion to a story. You’ll find video content and interactive data-visualizations that obviously can’t appear in print.

Q: What web browsers are supported by the site?

A: The site should render well if you are using Internet Explorer 8+, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and/or OperA: If the website isn’t working in your web browser, first make sure your browser is up-to-date by downloading the latest version.

Please note, we are no longer supporting Internet Explorer 7 and lower. As we evaluate which browsers to support, we look at which ones will give our users the best experience and allow us to enhance our format to meet modern standard. Internet Explorer 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft and over the years, security vulnerabilities have been discovered with this browser and preceding versions. For more information on Microsoft’s product lifecycle policy, please see its website:

And, here is a link to the Microsoft website with information on how to update Internet Explorer:

Q: What did you do to the font? And can I adjust the text size?

A: In the new redesign, fonts have been enhanced to a more readable and elegant experience. Having trouble with the default size of the type? Use the “Increase Font Size” button, found above the headline on each article, to adjust the font to a desired size.

Q: Can I access archived stories on

A: Yes, an archive of full-text coverage of the Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram from September 30, 1995 is available here.

Q: Where can I find SOURCE: Eating and Living Sustainably in Maine on the site?

A: SOURCE can be found in the FOOD section of the site or by clicking here.

Q: Where is the content from MaineToday Magazine (formerly Go)?

A: You’ll find all of the content from our Thursday Arts/Entertainment section on This site, which features a tremendous amount of web-only content, will remain free to access.

Q: Do I have to pay to access

A: As of July 1, access to will be limited to the homepage, section fronts, obituaries, photo galleries, video content, our auto, real estate, and jobs sections and 5 free articles per month for non-subscribers. Home delivery subscribers will have unlimited access to the website and e-editions. Connect your home delivery account or sign up for a new subscription.

Q: I’m currently a print subscriber, how do I connect my account for uninterrupted digital access?

A: You can connect your active home delivery subscription at

Q: I currently get the Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram e-Edition. Does that entitle me to receive at no additional cost?

A: Your digital-only subscription does include unlimited digital access to both and In addition, you can also access the e-editions of the Kennebec Journal and the Morning Sentinel if you are a Press Herald subscriber, and vice-versA:

Q: I currently access the Press Herald through a mobile app. Will you still be supporting that application and will it remain free?

A: Yes, we will continue to support the Press Herald mobile app for the near term but eventually that will become part of the subscription bundle. We don’t have an exact date for the cut over.

Q: How do I contact reporters or editors in your newsroom?

A: Click here to access the Portland Press Herald staff directory, or click here to access the Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel staff directory, or just click on the email in the article byline.

Q: I like to share news stories I find with my social network. If I share a story from will my friends be able to read the full article?

A: Yes, you can share stories via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and anyone clicking on the link will be able to read the article in full. Just share to your networks via the share buttons on the stories, which can be found in the utility bar.

Q: I’m having trouble finding things on your new site. Help!

A: We’ve created a comprehensive index (found in the navigation bar) that lists almost everything we could think of. That’s the best place to start your search. If you’re still lost, send us an email and we’ll get back to you right away.

Q: What browser works best with our website?

A: We suggest Mozilla Firefox. Newer versions of Firefox have an auto-update feature that will help keep you up to date. We also suggest Google Chrome. A personal favorite, Google Chrome is fast and agile. Chrome, like Firefox, also has an auto-update feature.

Other browsers: Apple Safari. A good browser that is quick and well supported.
Internet Explorer. Although we support IE8, we strongly suggest you use another browser to view our site.

Q: How do I update my browser?

A: Each browser is slightly different. Some browsers auto update and some are more complex. We suggest you visit your preferred vendor’s website and download the latest version if you are unsure of what is available or how to update your browser.
Internet Explorer

Q: Should I do a mobile update?

A: Making sure your mobile phone has the latest operating system will do wonders for your experience. We have some known issues in iOS 6.0.x but we are hard at work to correct any problems. We have received reports of slow rendering or crashing on the iPhone 4[s] and we are working on getting those issues resolved as quickly as possible.

Q: What are cookies all about and what do I do with them?

A: Some features of require a browser technology called cookies. Cookies are like name-tags for your browser. They are files stored on your computer that allow our web site to recognize that you already signed in when you come back after being away for a while. Please be sure you have cookies enabled for Some browsers will have options for disabling cookies on a site by site basis as well as globally. Some browsers (such as Google Chrome) allow users to clear cookies and local data at the time of shutdown of the brewer. This feature may be the reason you are being logged out each time you close your browser.

Q: Why might my cookies not be working?

A: It’s possible they have been turned off by you or someone else who uses your device. In that case it is usually a simple matter to turn them back on. It’s also possible some other programs or browser plug-ins like anti virus or ad blockers, may limit the functionality of your cookies. There are so many different kinds of these plug-ins and applications, we can’t provide support for those, but if changing your cookies settings doesn’t resolve a problem you are having, a next step might be to disable these products temporarily and see if the problem persists.

Q: How do I do the cookie thing?

A: This process varies depending on our browser, but here are some browser vendor links for the browsers most-often used to access our sites.
Internet Explorer

Q: I’d like to send in feedback about your new site?

A: We welcome it. This site is for you, our readers, so send it in — good and bad!